AVE Gives Back

AVE Gives Back

AVE Gives Back

As part of its Corporate Social Investment program, AVE regularly supports various charities and community initiatives in and around Cape Town.

One of AVE’s regular CSI recipients is Little Lambs, an NGO that focuses on improving the quality of life of babies and Children in Du Noon in the Western Cape

Little Lambs supports various Crèches in Du Noon, and in light of the lack of resources and amenities experienced in such townships, AVE recently donated Tealwash Kiddiwash portable hand washing sinks to each of these crèches.

AVE has for many years installed Tealwash hand washing products in its emergency and medical vehicles, and found them to be innovative and efficient hygiene solutions.


The Kiddiwash sink, as pictured above, is one of a broad range of Tealwash hand washing solutions. These units now allow children attending the crèches to wash their hands before eating and after going to the toilet, which they could not do before due to a lack of running water and amenities.

They can also be used as an educational aid to teach hand hygiene from a young age.

This is paramount to preventing the spread of germs and infections, and helps to reduce illness associated with poor hygiene.